Temporary Housing with Glenview Elementary School

0In March 2015, Superintendent Wilson presented the Oakland Unified School District Board with a resolution to temporarily relocate Glenview Elementary School to the Santa Fe school site during their reconstruction project (currently scheduled from Fall 2016 to Summer 2019) and to include local priority enrollment during that period. Thanks to the organization work of the Santa Fe CAN Education Committee, and over 205 letters sent in by neighbors to the OUSD board directors, not only did we get a unanimous vote in favor, but there was a lot of positive discussion about Santa Fe’s future at the meeting where the vote took place. This vote represented an important stepping stone and showed that the needs and concerns of our community are being taken under serious consideration as the district plans next steps.

Our committee plans to submit a proposal to the OUSD board for the launch of a new Santa Fe program that will remain at the school site after Glenview moves out. (Sign our Pledge of Support!) In the meantime, here is how priority enrollment will work while Glenview is at Santa Fe.

Priority enrollment information for Glenview at Santa Fe

Glenview Elementary school is scheduled to occupy the Santa Fe school site for three academic school years starting in the fall of 2016. During those years, enrollment for Glenview will be prioritized as follows:

  • First Enrollment Priority shall be to currently enrolled Glenview Elementary Students and Siblings
  • Second Enrollment Priority shall be to new Glenview Elementary Attendance Area Students
  • Third Enrollment Priority shall be to Santa Fe Enrollment Attendance Area Students (this attendance area includes the Golden Gate, Santa Fe, and most of the Longfellow neighborhoods)
  • Fourth Enrollment Priority shall be determined by an open lottery of all other applicants

The resolution can be read in detail here.

Why should I enroll my child in Glenview Elementary School at Santa Fe?

Glenview is a high-performing public school that serves a diverse student body and has a highly active parent community. In many ways it represents the kind of school we want to see established permanently at Santa Fe. We want as many local families as possible to enroll at Glenview in order to start re-building our community around a strong central school program. A solid commitment to enrollment in a great local school highlights the demand for a permanent option.

To learn more about Glenview, visit: glenviewelementary.org

How many seats will be available for local Northwest Oakland students?

Glenview typically only fills about half of its 70 kindergarten seats with siblings and children from the Glenview attendance area. The rest would be prioritized to children from the Santa Fe attendance area.

What happens to Santa Fe students when Glenview moves back to its own site?

Any enrolled Glenview students would have the option to return to the Glenview site with that school when the temporary period is over. However, our committee has been in discussion with OUSD about a proposal for a new school program to launch and stay at the Santa Fe site after Glenview leaves. Our goal is to see Santa Fe remain open as a community-driven Transitional Kindergarten-5th grade option so that local kids can continue to attend school in their own neighborhood.

How do I enroll my child in Glenview?

The options window for enrollment happens December-January prior to every academic school year. Visit the OUSD enrollment webpage for more info.

How can I get more involved?

  • Sign our Pledge of Support!
  • Contact the Education Committee to volunteer: (510) 646-0125 or info@bringbackourschool.org
  • Spread the word! Tell your friends and neighbors about this movement.
  • We intend to submit a proposal to the Oakland Unified School District in Spring 2018 for a new school program to launch in Fall 2019. Please see our RFI for more detailed information on our intended process.