Our Vision

The Santa Fe Community School serves a diverse student body and their families from our neighborhood and surrounding communities. The SFCS is a home where all feel treasured. Together we are walking the past forward and making history by ensuring equitable and high-quality outcomes for both our students and the community that is raising them.

Our Mission

The SFCS cultivates opportunities both in and outside of our classrooms for students to develop knowledge of themselves and to learn about and honor each other’s stories. Through project-based learning and restorative practice, we nurture joyful, curious, critical-thinkers who embrace their collective responsibility to act on behalf of the community good.

Our Values

Our values are both aspirational and inspirational, and have been chosen because we believe that embracing and enacting these values will create a community where all people feel treasured. We have added these four values to the list of values developed in December 2017:

  • Joy — Our school will be a place where learning, relationships, and spaces promote the feeling of joy
  • Aloha — Our school will be a place where all people are seen and cherished for who they are; where they feel that their unique presence is valued; where we treat each other like family.
  • Radical Honesty — We speak our truths and experience the feeling of being fully self-expressed
  • Courage — We are brave and take risks, as learners, as dreamers, and as a diverse group of people serving our community

Graduate Profile

Across all disciplines, grade levels, and classrooms, students at the Santa Fe Community School:

  1. Ask complex and critical questions;
    • Students ask probing questions to get to root causes and surface unspoken messages; their inquiry reflects engaged and analytical thinking;
  2. Acquire information related to their questions, and demonstrate persistence and creativity in this process;
    • Engage with both the word and the world to obtain multiple and diverse perspectives; embrace new and unfamiliar experiences and information with curiosity;
  3. Answer questions and communicate their ideas in clear and diverse ways;
    • Students communicate what they’ve learned, their own unique perspectives, and reflections on their own growth and development through writing, art, performance, and other creative mediums in ways that demonstrate deep understanding and mastery of academic and artistic skills.
  4. Apply their knowledge and skills, and Act in service of the common good;
    • Students advocate for themselves, their peers, and their community through lenses of justice and freedom; they act consistent with the belief that their own well-being is interconnected with others; build and establish relationships based on empathy and by seeking to understand; draw from multiple perspectives and sources of information to advance new ideas; enact and embrace multiple leadership styles.
  5. Analyze and reflect on their experiences, their learning, their actions, and their feelings, in order to grow as people;
    • Reflect on their actions with critical self-compassion to understand their impact; Seek and create opportunities to improve their work, their relationships, and their conceptual understandings.